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The success of Port Douglas Race Week rests in the hands of  a small army of volunteers. Club members that dedicate their time and energy to ensure the regatta is the best it can be.

We are always on the look out for those special people that volunteer to help.

If you would like to be a part of Port Douglas Race Week as a volunteer please contact Port Douglas Yacht Club now using the Race Week Volunteer form below.

Volunteer work is split between on water activities and on shore activities.

On Shore Volunteers

There are roles for on shore volunteers. 

Contact Port Douglas Yacht Club using the Race Week Volunteer form if you would like to be involved as a Race Week Volunteer helping around the club in the lead up to and during Race Week.

On Water Volunteers

Race Week requires a fleet of support boats and crew:​

Start Boat

The Start Boat carries the Race Officer (RO) and his assistants. This boat sits at the start and finish line so the race officials can conduct the race. 

Course Boat

The Course Boat operates under instruction from the Race Officer and is responsible for laying and retrieval of the course marks.

Safety Boat

The Safety Boat is required to be available to assist any vessel requiring assistance.

Media Boat

The Media Boat carries the media crew allowing for close up on water action to be filmed.

Race Week Volunteer

Thanks for volunteering

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